Saturday, August 3, 2013

The warped galaxy NGC 3718

Inspection of multicolored cosmic view shown above reveals a surprising number of galaxies in the Ursa Major. Some are close, some far away.

The galaxy is striking, no doubt, NGC 3718, the spiral is deformed toward the center of the image. Its spiral arms, which are distinguished numerous clusters of young, blue stars, appear to have been twisted and elongated (see picture at the bottom of the post). As to the central region of yellow bands are marked by dark powder.

To the right of NGC 3718 and only 150 light years away is NGC 3729, another galaxy large spiral galaxy.

Due to the unique (pictured at right) aspect of NGC 3718 is very likely that both galaxies are locked into a process of gravitational interaction. The galactic duo is about 52 million light years away.

Top of NGC 3718 distinguishes the remarkable Group 56 of Hickson , composed of five galaxies in gravitational interaction, but more than 400 million light years away. 

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