Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Commission's proposal of ESA to reduce dependency on the U.S. space technology

The Commission of the European Space Agency has put forward a proposal to develop their own space technologies to reduce Europe's dependence on space technology and military influence of the United States. 

Agency commission is once again trying to consolidate the overall efforts to develop its own space technology related to global positioning system, 

but members of the European Space Agency's difficult to come to any agreement, as the two countries remain indifferent to this problem. This is France and Germany, these countries have their own capabilities and positioning systems are not particularly eager to help in the rest of the participants of the European Union.

But at the same time, ministers and members of the governments of these countries have announced that they will work more closely together and to promote the European space program, and to reduce the work of the American space agencies, in order to reduce U.S. influence on a number of issues in their territory.

The Commission of the European Space Agency is the executive body of the 28 countries of the European Union in the field of space and plans to spend a budget of 91 million dollars, on their own satellite systems, in order to be more independent in terms of military satellite systems and tracking systems and positioning. And as for the implementation of a number of more ambitious space programs related to the "Galileo" and other space missions.

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