Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The consequence of the change of magnetic fields on the sun for the solar system

As recently it became known, our Sun will soon change the magnetic poles. But what specific consequences for us is this event?  The process of changing the magnetic poles which are known to occur on the Sun every 11 years will occur in the next 3-4 months.

Although this is not a catastrophic event, the change of the magnetic poles we  feel for yourself. 

This change will have a ripple effect that will be felt throughout our solar system, "says Todd Hawks, director of Stanford University, who monitors the processes occurring in the magnetic fields of the Sun.

When it comes to the topic reversal of solar magnetic fields, with physicists once there is an association with the "current sheet". The entire heliosphere is shrouded in this current sheet and during the change of the magnetic fields that layer becomes very fluid and undulating.

The result is that in the near future will be a sharp change of space weather, solar storms, and in the world as well geomagnetic disturbances will arise for some time after the change of the poles on the sun. However, the good news is, those perturbations of the current sheet in the sun, are an excellent shield against harmful cosmic rays in our galaxy arising from the explosion of supernovae and other cosmic catastrophes and rushing to us at close to reaching the speed of light.

These rays can threaten astronauts during spacewalk, and can also damage the space probes. But thanks to the current layer in the Sun, we can to some extent be protected from them at the moment.

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