Monday, August 5, 2013

The formation of planetary systems

Researchers found that the planetary systems are moving around other stars, more organized than our system.  In fact, the way they are located, means that astronomers can use the old law to predict where new discoveries will be made.

More than 200 years ago, it was found that the distance between the planets of our solar system can be loosely described mathematical relation, now known as the "Titius - Bode." Since the law is not fully understood, many modern astronomers believe that the law - no more than a meaningless coincidence.

However, the Australian National University astronomers used the new NASA satellite data obtained by Kepler (Kepler) and found out that the planets which move around other stars, are subject to this law, even more than the planets in our solar system.

Boverd scientist Tim (Tim Bovaird), PhD, says that this discovery allows astronomers to predict where they should be in the world. With these calculations, the data collected by Kepler were carefully studied and scientists have found half-dozen new planets

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