Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today went to the ISS Japanese robot Kirobo

The current ISS crews eagerly await the arrival of an unusual member of the space expedition. Today, August 4, went into space the world's first talking robot Kirobo. This Japanese 34-inch robot was launched to orbit the International Space Station from the island of Tanegashima in using booster H-2B.

This cute android with a face resembling a Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who will arrive at the ISS later and become a member of the 38th space mission, was created by an engineer Tomotaka Takashi, in close collaboration with Toyota, which provided for the android Kirobo their software that reproduces human speech.

The creators of the unique android report that will now be sent to the ISS its robotic androids in the partner program with the countries participating in the project of the International Space Station.

Japanese astronaut Wakata, in turn, will be the first Japanese who will become commander of the ISS crew.

"Robot Rirobo will remind the person of Japanese astronaut Wakata, so when they are together, they will be very similar to each other," - said the robot creator Tomotaka Takashi.

Kirobo will be the first robot who went on board the ISS. Its dimensions are: height - only 34 centimeters (less than a newborn baby), weight - 1 kg. The robot is programmed to communicate only in Japanese and record conversations with Japanese astronaut Wakata. Other members of the crew of the ISS, unfortunately, will not be able to understand the robot.

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