Saturday, July 23, 2016

Curiosity rover is to choose rocks for study

Researchers provided rover opportunity to choose their own targets for laser spectrometer. Scientists gave more autonomy Curiosity NASA Researchers at NASA upgraded the software of the rover Curiosity in such a way that it is now able to choose their own breed for analysis. As reported on the site NASA , 

Curiosity will be the first such device, which "allowed" choosing their own goals for research. The rover will select a few rocks in the week that he would look into using laser and telescopic cameras. See also: The Mars rover Curiosity began the ascent to the summit of Mount Sharp As stated by one of the representatives of the Curiosity mission, "such autonomy will be especially useful when difficult or impossible to communicate with the rover. 

For example, during long phases of motion or when the location of Mars, Earth and the probe in orbit introduces a delay in the transmission and reception of data". In March last year, the rover found on Mars traces of fixed nitrogen in the form of nitrates. As they note, this may indicate the presence of a primitive form of the nitrogen cycle in the ecosystem of the ancient Mars.

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