Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scientists have shown year of life of the Earth in one video

The scientists a video is composed of images taken at a distance of 1.6 million kilometers from the planet.   They have shown year of the Earth's life took off from a distance of 1.6 million kilometers NASA researchers presented a year of life of the Earth, 

which was filmed using the EPIC camera mounted on the satellite DSCOVR. The video was posted on the NASA website. At the moment the camera is located on the Lagrange point 1, which is teetering on the edge of the gravitational force of the Earth and the sun. The camera takes pictures of the Earth every two hours, allowing it to capture the movement of clouds and the changing seasons on the planet. See also: Supercontinents Earth broke up in two stages - scientists Earlier, NASA launched a resource where you can track the daily images of the solar side of the Earth, taken from a distance of about 1.6 million kilometers. Every day, around 12 color photographs with DSCOVR satellite will be loaded to the site, which will see the Earth from different angles.


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