Sunday, February 26, 2017

NASA has shown a unique picture of the Martian surface

Scientists of the American space agency NASA have published on the official website of the agency a unique picture of the Martian surface.

Based on this and other images of the Red Planet,
researchers have concluded that most of the planet's surface is covered melkodisperstnymi materials, but under them, according to scientists, may hide rocks with valuable minerals.

But the most surprising conclusion of scientists is that, under the rocks may be hiding the water, searched on the NASA Mars has been here for two years.

Recall that in early February, researchers from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) found on Mars land, which in the past periodically flooded with water. The discovery was made in the study of images obtained from the orbit. On the territory of the ancient valley of the soil was found, which is similar in structure to the surface of the earth of the Namib Desert.

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