Saturday, February 25, 2017

Progress MS-05 and Dragon CRS-10 arrive at the space station

Two cargo vehicles arrived at the international space station almost consecutively. On February 22, the Dragon CRS-10 spacecraft aborted its connection to the complex due to an error in the navigation system that advised to delay the maneuver after reaching a distance of one kilometer.

Twenty-four hours later, and solved the problem, the vehicle covered the last few meters and was captured by the Canadarm-2 robotic arm, operated by Thomas Pesquet, at 10:44 UTC on February 23. Later, the Dragon ship was coupled to the Harmony module, and in the afternoon the astronauts could already open the hatches and enter inside.

At the same time, the Russian MS-05 Progress Cargo ship completed its two-day trajectory towards the station. The vehicle approached automatically to the Pirs module and was coupled to him at 08:34 UTC on February 24. The 2.7 tons of supplies of the Dragon CRS-10 and the 2.9 of Progress will be transferred little by little during the next few days inside or outside the complex.

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