Monday, October 1, 2012

Earth is younger than the other planets, so it's a life

Abdulmyanov Tagir Raisovich, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences DEs (Kazan Power University), September 27, 2012 at the next European planetologicheskom Congress in Madrid, Spain, presented the results of their research in the field of shock waves, which, as expected, in the early solar system generated the young Sun.

The scientist, who spent modeling the movement of the particles of dust and gas in a gas cloud formed by the Sun, says that the planets in our system is formed at different times because of the impact of such waves. These waves, the scientists, have caused some ripples in the material of the protoplanetary disk, which remained after the formation of the light, and, consequently, the appearance of a number of disks of dust formed in the accretion process in the world. (Accretion - is the process of falling to the surface of a material space body out of the surrounding area), says "Market Leader" in the "News of Russia."

Scientists believe that it is the first series of shock waves during short but very sharp and rapid changes in solar activity, created the so-called protoplanetary ring, which served as the formation of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. As a result, less powerful - the second - there were a series of waves of Saturn and Jupiter, and the asteroid belt. Results of the third series of shock waves when the sharp solar activity subsided, was the creation of Venus, Mars, Mercury, and finally to Earth.

Thus, according to the theory Abdulmyanova, Earth appeared in the universe of one of the latter. Ie and in the solar system, Earth is one of the youngest planets.

The scientist explains that the previously proposed version about the simultaneous formation of the planets - are wrong. He believes that the planets were formed discrete, ie intermittently. Scientific difficult to answer the question how much time exactly separates these three groups, but it is up claims that the rings of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus formed very close to the time of formation of the Sun. If we lived three million years after the event, then surely could watch the dust disk from which later formed Saturn. Somewhere over half a million years we would see the same picture to a young Jupiter. A million years later, formed the asteroid belt, and only half a million years, we would have contemplated the beginning of the formation of Mars, Venus, Mercury and Earth.

Tahir Abdulmyanov believes that determine the intensity of the shock waves from stars that are in the making, it is necessary to study their luminosity. Because of this, scientists can predict how a planet located around distant stars for many millions of years before they have a final formation.

Recall that the formation of the solar system, according to current views, began about 4.6 billion years ago with the gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud. At the center of gravity collapse, followed by the formation of the Sun was a large part of the matter. The substance, however, which did not get into the center, was the basis for the formation of the Sun revolves around the protoplanetary disk, which is obedient to the further formation of the planets and their moons, asteroids and other small bodies of the solar system.

The generally accepted theory of the formation of the solar system, at the end of the era of planetary solar system "inside" a population of 50 to 100 protoplanets whose sizes are in the range of sizes of modern moon and Mars. Reason for the growth of these planets is in the future, according to the theory, a collision and merger between all of these protoplanets. It is believed that Mercury, for example, lost the most part because of one of these collisions. As a result of another "anti" protoplanet appeared satellite, the Moon. During such collisions, according to calculations of scientists is about 100 million years to the time that the orbits are not left only 4 of massive celestial bodies, which are known now.

But perhaps, the theory Abdulmyanova Tagir Raisovich help scientists a new perspective on the generally accepted theory of the formation of the solar system and its correct those deficiencies that exist now.

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