Monday, October 1, 2012

Powerful magnetic storm on Earth continues to grow

Today, 30 September, in the afternoon on the Earth strike a powerful magnetic storm, which not only affects the health of people but also can spoil communications systems, satellites and electronic equipment?

Recall that a space apparatus circumsolar SOHO recorded powerful solar emissions, which occurred on the surface of the Sun.

According to the monitoring, coronal mass ejections began on Saturday at 7:23 am in Kiev and its active phase lasted more than seven hours.

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According to NASA, Passed solar flare aimed at Earth, but the very cloud release came out very wide, and the concentration of the radioactive material in it is not too high. One way or another, in the solar system has been thrown out several billion tons of solar particles that reach our planet about on Monday, which theoretically could affect the operation of communication systems, satellites and electronic equipment.

Earlier "Glavred" reported that magnetic storm began at 15:00 in Kiev and at the end of the day will only increase, reaching 5 points on an 8-point scale.

According to the latest data, the cloud of particles ejected moving toward Earth at a speed of 1200 km / sec. The first electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere of our planet can be tomorrow morning. According to experts, the event occurred on the Sun would be more correct to call is not flash, and coronal mass ejections, the center of which was fixed a small outbreak of C-class.

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