Friday, December 7, 2012

Over Israel will meteor rain

On the night of December 14, in Israel you can watch meteor rain, the most spectacular meteor shower of the year. After midnight, the "rain" becomes "rain."

Watch the December Geminids stream is best for the city, where there are not disturb "light noise." 

The specialists note that the intensity of stargazing under good weather conditions may be 120 meteors per hour, but, most likely, over Israel, you will see a shooting star every few minutes.

Usually, meteor showers produce comet. Geminids meteor shower but spawned asteroid Phaethon opened in October 1983.

Geminids stream will be in the western part of the sky. Experts warn: enjoy this natural phenomenon Israelis can prevent high clouds. By nightfall, the clouds may move to Riverside, where during the day there was intermittent rain, in the northern Negev and Judean Desert. At night, rain is also possible in the north-western Negev. Therefore, in the best conditions are residents of the southern Negev and Judean Desert.

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