Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of the outgoing 2012

2012 is not over yet, but scientists are summing the results, remember the most important discoveries that were awarded this year. Which of them enter the top-10 discoveries versed analyst of science news "Market Leader?  New Planet, the incredible achievement, new animals, worthy of the Guinness Book ... now think of the most high-profile openings of the year.

01) A giant crocodile, which broke all records: Giant crocodile Lolling 6.17 meters in length live in captivity, the biggest crocodile. It is written in the book of Guinness World Records. After he was accused of assaulting people, killing two people, he was caught in the Philippines, was placed in a nursery a couple of months ago.

02) Sugar in space: Recently, astronomers have made ​​the "sweet discovery": sugar molecules floating in the gas around stars that are located 400 light-years from Earth, which suggests that other planets may be life. The molecules that is rich in carbon - the building blocks of life forms. Now it is clear that they can be present in the stellar dust before they became to form planets.

03) New planets in the solar system: According to a study the results of which appeared in May, on the edge of the solar system are undiscovered planet, they are very far away, very dark environment, so they can be easily seen through the telescope. Rodney Gomez, an astronomer at the Brazilian Natsobservatorii Brazil believes that the existence of unseen planets is possible, since they shift the orbits of some Kuiper belt objects. These objects small icy bodies, including dwarf planets located outside the orbit of Neptune.

04) Found God particle - a binding element of the universe: Summer, a team of researchers working with the Large Hadron Collider said they discovered the Higgs boson, which is called the "God particle.”

05) The Lost World of Antarctica: Not yet received the name Yeti crab lives near hot springs, rich in minerals, in the ocean, close to Antarctica. Scientists believe that in deep water found unknown to science "lost world" of living beings, whom they knew before. Spetsapparat robot to explore the world under the water, which is equipped with a camera, went to the depths of the ocean, found previously unknown cancers with a mustache, crab, octopus and anemones. These creatures are almost completely without color, live in total darkness at a depth of 2400 meters.

06) Found a star system with 9-D planets in the constellation Hydra: Stars at a distance of 127 light-years from the Earth's surface may be in its orbit more planets than the Sun itself. This fact makes the star system "most populous" of all currently known star systems. According to a study published earlier this year, HD 10180 is similar to the Sun, and is a star in the constellation Hydra South, around which rotates at least nine planets, while in the solar system, only 8 planets.

07) New species in South America: New species of monkey night - one of the eight new species of mammals have been found during an expedition to the north of Peru - Natszapovednike Tabakonas Namballe. About the same time, scientists reported in September. Several biologists from Peru and Mexico have found a completely new species for the period 2009-2011 in the famous expedition. The fact that they were not previously known to science has been shown this year.

08) New legless amphibians - not worms and snakes, as it seems at first glance: These legless amphibians, digging the earth which is completely new to science creatures. About they reported in February. Amphibian family Chikilidae lives in north-east India. Scientists have found six species of this new family.

09) Evidence that the Mayans did not predict end of the world: In the last great Maya city open archaeologists found frescoes house with frescoes - very special. They depict a live scene from the life of the suite and the governor, computing, allowing scientists to trace the events of a large time period. Calendar does not end, but continues for thousands of years to come, it proves that the Mayans did not predict end of the world on December 21 of this year.

10) Unusual Mayan temple in the jungles of Guatemala: 1,600 years ago, the Sun Temple of the Night was a blood-red lighthouse decorated huge masks Mayan sun god, appears in the form of a serpent, jaguar or bloodsuckers. The temple has long been considered lost in the jungles of Guatemala, but this year it was opened by archeologists.

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  1. I think it's really interesting that sugar molecules have been found in space. Perhaps they came from certain comets? Always learning something new in science.


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