Sunday, January 20, 2013

Curiosity calcium deposits found on Mars

Fourth American rover named “Curiosity " continued their research on Mars, throughout the last of which he found deposits of calcium.

Justin Maki (Justin Maki), who is the chief scientist teams Engineering Camera Team Lead rover “Curiosity " 
said their automatic chemical laboratory appears, has found deposits that are rich in calcium. Besides, they are very similar to deposits of calcium that can be found on our own planet, which was removed at least 55.76 million kilometers from the Red Planet.

Mosaic picture, which was completed on the basis of multiple pictures December 12, 2012, shows a rocky Martian rock "Sheepbed", which is located in an area, called "Yellowknife Bay" and includes calcium-rich deposits.

For comparison, the right scientists presented similar deposits of calcium that are found on Earth. This photo shows the area of ​​the Egyptian desert. In order to better understand the extent of deposits, the picture to the right put a folding knife.

We be reminiscent you that the American rover “Curiosity " is on the surface of the Red Planet on August 6, 2012. He landed in a huge crater Gale and now all his time in the study of Martian region, in particular in his photography and abstraction, as well as the analysis of valuable samples of Martian soil.

Mission “Curiosity” for two years and is the long-term mission of the rover measure up to to previous ones. However, representatives of NASA promote the hope that “Curiosity " has worked on Mars for much longer than planned.

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