Monday, March 20, 2017

Delta IV rocket put into orbit a satellite for the US military

United Launch Alliance Company successfully conducted the launch of a rocket Delta IV, which brought with it the WGS-9 satellite for military use. 

A start was made from Cape Canaveral, located in Florida.

SpaceX ship will return to Earth the results of experiments on the ISS

The spacecraft SpaceX Dragon US company made a successful soft landing on Earth, splashed down off the coast of southern California near San Diego.

For five hours earlier unmanned transport craft undocked from the International Space Station and began to decline.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Migration of Mars will require radical changes in the body and mind of astronauts

In 2016, two astronauts completed the International Space Station mission duration of one year. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly (Scott Kelly) and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko during the stay at the station were under the close supervision of doctors who monitored the smallest changes of the physical 

At Titan's surface may be present in life forms unknown to us

The following month, the NASA spacecraft "Cassini" will make his 126th and final passage by Saturn's largest moon Titan. Over its lifetime, the probe "Cassini" allowed scientists to draw up a detailed map of Titan's geologically active as a celestial body, the surface of which flow rivers of liquid hydrocarbons, which the atmosphere has a complex chemical composition, and under the icy crust are probably hiding a saltwater ocean.

SpaceX is testing life-support system of the manned version of the Dragon capsule

NASA engineers evaluate the functioning of life support systems, which will be equipped with a spaceship of Dragon, to ensure a safe journey to its astronauts to the International Space Station.

The company SpaceX has built ECLSS (environmental control and life support system ) module for the evaluation of the key elements of life support systems for the manned spacecraft Dragon Company,

An exhibition committed to the new space telescope, "James Webb" In the US

Interactive exhibition dedicated flagship space observatory NASA's next-generation telescope "James Webb» (James Webb Space Telescope, JWST ), is open now on the South by Southwest annual event (SXSW), which takes place in Austin, Texas, USA .

NASA shows the first real photos of the new system with the Trappist-1

Since two weeks ago an international group of scientists announced the discovery of a solar system with seven planets like Earth, we had seen only artistic recreations and even promotional posters of imaginary tourist trips to those new worlds. Now NASA shows us a real and moving images of the star of this system, Trappist-1, thanks to its Kepler space telescope.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SpaceX will bring two people to the moon in 2018

The company SpaceX announced on February 27 that it will take two private individuals on a trip around the Moon in late 2018. Those two people have made a major payment for a lunar mission. As the Apollo astronauts did, these tourists will travel to space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humanity, driven by the human spirit of exploration, SpaceX said in a statement.

China sets a world record 370-day for human life on the moon

The Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics completed a 370-day experiment to simulate the lives of people on the moon, settin...