Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year weather cycle

On April 16, from NASA's SDO orbit observation record, a spectacular explosion in the solar corona and captured their images. Astrophysicists consider it the most ostentatious eruption since the launching of this probe, which specializes in solar activity, in February 2010.
The NASA said in a statement that the plasma current caused no threat to Earth, since it is directed in another direction. Furthermore, the magnitude of the flames the solar storm has been blamed on the middle class (M1) and is not the most powerful so far in 2012. However, the turn to the left in the captured images only more impressive visual effect, allow scientists.

The United States could be causing the increase in the number of earthquakes

The dramatic increase in oil and gas in the United States could be causing the increase in the number of earthquakes in that country.According to the conclusion of an investigation by the U.S. Geological Survey, the number of earthquakes has increased six times. In just three years, increased the number of earthquakes from 50 in 2009 to 134 in 2011.
Experts say some tremors may be caused by the hydraulic fracturing method. This involves injecting a fluid mixture into the ground to cause the release of natural gas, or oil .

The exact position of the Planet to the Sun

On this planet, it is simply amazing to see how science is discovering data that speak of the exquisite precision of the physical and chemical laws that allow life to flourish.
Since the force of gravity, the constant expansion of the universe, the exact position of the planet to the sun, the same power of the sun, the moon brings balance, placement in an exclusive space of the galaxy ... are evidence that an intelligent force as decided and well designed. And that any variation in some of these constants, however small, would make life impossible and even the existence of chemical elements.
Remember “Our ability to make discoveries is not coincidental but points to a latent purpose. The universe has been designed to be discovered."
We find God, by doing science,
May God bless ours?

The history of the solar storm

A geomagnetic storm turn off the electricity grid in most of Quebec,in march 1989.At that time,  millions of Canadians was leaving without power for hours.In March 1989,The NASA reports,in January 1994 the communications satellite 290 million Anik E2   Canada, was shat down by a solar storm, and took six  months and $ 50-70 million put back into operation.One of the most dangerous contributors to solar storms is a coronal mass ejection (CME), a great cloud of charged particles belched from the sun and sailing through space at supersonic speeds.

Storms are classified in various intensities

The Solar Wind, which had an average speed of 500 km / sec, reached in the three days following a speed of more than 50,000 km / sec. From there began to descend to 33,000 km / sec, speed was maintained for 30 days. Although this seemed impossible, what happened?
The event was mentioned in all the magazines in the world, and in major newspapers, but scientists did not know what it was. All they did was to publish the data at their disposal. In 1989, a class X19 solar flare, issued a radioactive storm hit Earth and knocked out the Hydro-Quebec power grid for several hours, to merge several generators.

The Sun Satellites by Observing

Astronomers still have no idea why they occur in more or less regular cycles of 11 years. There is, however, a broad scientific consensus that the entire solar activity, which essentially consists of various forms of explosions and bursts of sun-grown when the number of sunspots, and decreases when this number decreases.
Most of the explosions of sunspots belong to a common variety known as Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). CMEs are clouds of gas at high temperatures leaving the Sun and Interplanetary Space cross, creating shock waves that accelerate different particles, mostly protons, in front of them and resulting in what is known as Proton Storm.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is expected for 2012?

Following the September 2005 eruptions, solar scientists estimated that the next solar cycle, would start in 2007, later than expected, it would be 30-50% stronger than the former (which itself was a record), and reach its climax in 2012 ...

Some believe that the violent activity of the Sun in 2012 will cause even a Terrestrial Pole Shift. Patrick Gerald, in his book "The World Cataclysm in 2012" put it this way:
"The riddles facing astronomers, geologists, physicists and others can be solved in one instance with the catastrophic theories of the ancient Egyptians and Mayans.

What is a solar storm?

The Solar storm is a temporary disruption of the Earth's magnetosphere. Associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME), a coronal hole or a solar flare is a shock wave incoming solar wind between 24 and 36 hours after the event. This only happens if the shock wave travels toward Earth. The solar wind pressure on the magnetosphere will increase or decrease depending on solar activity. The solar wind pressure changes the electrical currents in the ionosphere. Magnetic storms last 24 to 48 hours, but can last for several days.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Future space missions on the Moon for Oxygen Source

NASA studies the most propitious to send to future human and robotic missions to the moon with Ultraviolet Telescope. Hubble has found concentrations of a mineral that could be used as oxygen source for future space missions on the Moon.It is a mineral called Limousin, which is rich in titanium and iron oxide, and which could be extracted with relative ease to provide air oxygen, water and fuel to astronauts.
This concentration of minerals have been discovered in the crater Aristarchus, when exploring the satellite Hubble also photographed areas in the past landed the Apollo 15 and 17 moles on their visits.


The Full Moon on June 1, 2007 was particularly brilliant, than the full moon was appeared very bright. The same thing happened the night of Saturday 30 of that month.The reason is that the full moon of that month flew over the southern regions that can be achieved, illuminating landscapes where seldom visited by this star. On 1 and 30 reached the Moon Lunar Tropic of Sagittarius, the southernmost latitude that can be achieved, equivalent to the Sun Tropic of Capricorn, at latitude 23.44 degrees south.
For Supertropical we mean that the full moon occurs when flies latitudes south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Photograph of SUPERLUNA

Full moons occur when the phase near full moon coincides with the lunar perigee, when the Moon is closest to the 19 March 2011 was 356,577 miles away. The last time the moon was this close was in 1993 when 356,529 km perigee occurred 18 years ago.No wait that long for the next giant full moon, this will occur on November 14, 2016 at 11:24 UT the Moon is just 356,511 miles away.
Due to media attention the press gave the event, "this must be the most photographed Full Moon history. The size and brightness with which we see the full moon in the sky, at first, depends on: How far is the perigee. 

Monday, May 28, 2012


It is the mission GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), which aquaculture the crust and the core mole to discern its structure."Our team is not going to have a traditional New Year celebration, but I hope to see our two ships safely in lunar orbit, something that gives us all the excitement and the feeling of euphoria that any necesiatría in a work of this kind "said David Lehman, GRAIL project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.
The distance from Earth to the Moon is about 402,336 km. At NASA's Apollo missions took them about three days to travel to the moon. Launched from Cape Canaveral on 10 September, the ships GRAIL (Grail in Castilian) have traveled more than 4 million miles to get there.

Tyco crater on the Moon

The Moon is still a goal for NASA; on June 10 last the satellite NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to take this dramatic image thanks to its steep orbital angle of 65 °. The image is the central peak of the crater Tyco in the southern hemisphere of the Moon.Tyco is a place known to fans as it is one of the most outstanding places on the Moon. It is located at latitude 43.37 ° S, 348.68 ° E, and has about 82 kilometers in diameter.
The height of its central peak in the image above rises 2 km above the crater floor and the distance between the bases and is 4.7 km Comber.
The complex central peak of Tyco crater is about 15 km long and is easily visible with a backyard telescope. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

An object hit the earth

The object had ten kilometers in diameter and scientists have not yet determined exactly whether it was a meteorite or comet, but agree that their average speed was 25 to 30 kilometers per second and left a footprint impact (crater) of approximately 200 kilometers in diameter. 
After impact the earth was plunged into total chaos. Caused large fires occurred due to a temperature of up to 20 thousand degrees Celsius were recorded throughout the Americas, there were earthquakes whose intensities ranged from 14 to 16 degrees Richter and other disturbances that resulted in numerous seismic and volcanic eruptions. In addition, heavy rains were present acidic and formed huge waves, which now are known as tsunami (Japanese word derived from), traveling horizontally at speeds of up to 750 mph and reach between 15 30 meters in height. In the case of the Chicxulub impact has been estimated that the tsunami could have reached heights of 100 to 200 meters, says the geologist José Manuel Gradates Nishimura, investigator assigned to the Program of naturally fractured reservoirs, the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP).

The Largest impact craters that have beaten the Earth

Imagine staring at the sky, which gradually gets closer, more and more closely. That point doubling in size every second, to darken the sky. His entry into the atmosphere is accompanied by light and heat, the giant rock wrapped in a meteor full of death that goes directly to you. 
It sounds like the introduction of a catastrophic film, however not very far from reality as these impacts ended the lives of potential witnesses to the event in his time, leaving only the record of their impact on Earth's surface. Today we will show the largest impact craters that have impacted the Earth. In ascending order according to their size, see:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Earth hitting after 35% meteorites enter atmosphere does not break

A small impact crater discovered in the Egyptian desert could change the calculations of risk of impact on our planet, according to a recent study. The Kamil crater, one of the best preserved of those found on the Earth, was discovered in February during a survey of satellite images with Google Earth. It is believed that the crater was formed in the last two thousand years. 
The Italian and Egyptian crater found recently visited and studied the hole 45 meters wide by 16 deep. They also collected thousands of pieces of space rocks scattered in the surrounding desert. Based on the calculations, the team believes that a solid iron meteorite, almost intact, between 5,000 and 10,000 kilos crashed into the desert at speeds in excess of 3.5 kilometers per second.

Sunday 1. April 2012 Asteroid 2012 EG5 passed close to Earth

The asteroid 2012 EG5 pass without risk close to Earth this Sunday, April 1. The projected distance traffic is 230,000 kilometers, i.e. 0.6 times the distance between Earth and Moon. Its estimated diameter is about 48 meters, according to the monitoring program of near-Earth J PL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) spacecraft. 
Astronomers believe the objects are able to approach within 3.5 times the distance from Earth to the Moon may be altered in their normal course by the gravity of our planet or moon. The asteroid 2012 EG5 traveling speeds of 8.24 km / s. It was initially estimated its closest pass to the April 2 but in the end has been more rapid. It was discovered on March 15. 

An asteroid impact with Earth of Consequences

Geological studies conducted over the last decades have shown us that our planet has undergone a similar meteoric bombardment suffered by the Moon, and even more intense. In fact, due to its greater gravity, the impact rate on Earth is 1.5 times higher than our natural satellite. 

The size range of objects striking bodies is between a few meters to others of several kilometers across, and producing very different effects of different factors: the diameter of the shock, their speed, their density, the place to occur impact either on sea or land, etc.. An example of this was the "Tunguska Event" which little impact (June 30, 1908) has gone unnoticed, because it took place on a spot on the planet virtually underpopulated. What would have happened if the case occurred on an urban or densely populated area? 

A collision with an asteroid 2012 DA14 threat to Earth on February 15, 2013

According to this calculations, the orbit of the asteroid with a diameter of between 40 and 95 meters, cross the Earth orbit. Astronomers have calculated that the February 15, 2013, the asteroid will pass only 26 900 kilometers of our planet, which is lower than the orbits of geostationary satellites (about 35,000 kilometers). A recharcher said that 2012 DA14 "belongs" to the regular type asteroids approaching Earth from behind, then or later, in front of him. 
"These are objects that move from time to time near the Earth in fact, they do not go around the earth, but in a coordinate system with two centers (with the Sun and Earth) will be like to turn around Earth, "he quoted. Now it is impossible to predict what will happen in the encounter with Earth in 2012 DA14. "We have to see it, can be farther from the Earth, then closer, even enough to fall to the ground, with some probability that impact the Earth. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


If by 2012 a solar storm occurs, a large one. You must get out. The radiation storm could begin in 15 minutes. The first step to take is to protect the hips, this may be key to surviving a solar storm. Other sensitive areas are the shoulders, spine, thighs, sternum and skull. 

Why a list of body parts so strange? 

The bones of these areas contain marrow, the "blood factory" of our body. The delicate cells that form the bone marrow are particularly vulnerable to solar storms; a high dose of solar protons flowing through the body may destroy them.

A solar storm can cause a disaster in 2012

"Emergency services could be disrupted and lost control of the country". A recent report (a dossier of 145 pages) prepared for the NASA and ESA through the National Academy of Sciences corroborates the apocalyptic predictions for 2012. The report says he expects for 2012 a solar storm that will destroy all living systems on Earth. 

Openings at the poles or is it fiction?

Much has been written and said about a subject like this, full of passion for his followers and successes and ravings of its detractors, particularly know little of it because I considered it an unscientific topic, I just called the attention. But in recent months, where my view was more focused on following a comet called Lula green and researching about satellites that flood our atmosphere, I noticed some curious behavior of some of the planets of our system that motivated me to this analysis which I share with you. 
Let's start by differentiating the magnetic poles of the geographic poles, the first starts at the Earth's core and expands into outer space and is point ¨ ¨ physical, either north or south, which coincides with the axis of planetary rotation. Other existing poles in the North and South are:

In 2012 predicts strong solar storms

A report released by NASA anticipates strong solar storms in 2012, which may involve a cascade of all communications systems in the world. The doomsday theorists find evidence for their ideas.  A recent report (a dossier of 145 pages) prepared for the NASA and ESA through the National Academy of Sciences USA confirms some of the apocalyptic predictions for 2012. The report says he expects for 2012 a solar storm that could destroy all living systems on Earth. 
The theme of a large-scale solar storm to affect the entire planet has made some NASA scientists begin to believe the prophecies of the Maya and the Hopi Indians of the end of an era for 2012. These people predicted the end of the Fifth Age (now) with a cosmic tragedy. And NASA said as published by the National Academy of Sciences, which is a concern this news. This issue specifically addresses the potential risks of a series of catastrophic events that happen throughout 2012. These events are characterized by the bombardment of solar storms real and swarms of an asteroid.

A tornado sun five times larger than Earth

We know from the news of violence and destructiveness that can have a tornado. Now imagine that tornado is five times larger than Earth and is composed of a material as hot as it should shape the worst hell. This phenomenon is real. It occurs on the sun's surface, generated by magnetic emissions. Scientists at the University of Aberystwyth (United Kingdom) were able to film in September 2011 and now they have released. It is overwhelming.
The gigantic new sun become 'unique and spectacular ", according to scientists, was detected by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) , a NASA satellite launched two years ago that is dedicated to studying the behavior of our star. 

Preparing for the next big solar storm

In mid 2011, the Sun is once again on the eve of solar cycle intensity lower than usual, at least that's what the forecasters say. The "Carrington Event" held in 1859 and received the name in honor of astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed the solar flare that caused it reminds us that strong storms can occur even when the sun is going through a cycle nominally weak.
In 1859, the most serious consequences were a day or two without telegraphic messages and sky watchers puzzled many tropical islands.
But in 2011, the situation would be much more serious. The spate of blackouts, spread across continents by the power lines for long distance, it could take weeks or even months, the time needed by engineers to repair the damaged transformers.

Solar Flares, a mixture of tornado, volcano and tsunami

A group of astronomers from the George Mason University has succeeded for the first time, relate a Coronal Mass Ejection with solar plasma arc. The finding, published in Nature Communications, can help predict when these violent
Phenomena take place, can cause serious damage to the Earth.
Among all known solar phenomena, the Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) is probably the greatest concern to scientists. Huge masses of charged particles the Sun ejects without notice and in any direction, including our planet. Burning clouds of radiation traveling millions of miles.  Per hour than regularly rammed earth and have the potential to "fry", literally, our power grids and communications, plunging us into a long period of darkness and silence.

Solar flare hit the Earth

The particles ejected by the sun in recent days in a flare and a coronal mass ejection, (for its acronym in English) hit Earth's magnetic field after 9:00 pm on Tuesday, the U.S. space agency (NASA .)
Radiation, plasma and other particles came from an ejection type M8.7, the second most intense within the classification of solar events. According to the Climate Prediction Center Space Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of United States, the solar flare occurred on Sunday 22 and then produced a CME that made her the strongest radiation storm since September, 2005.The Goddard Space Flight Center NASA predicted that the CME could generate some auroras and perhaps affect the operations of some satellites and communications on shortwave radio, but pose no harm to human health.

Solar flares are directed to Earth

The cloud of charged particles could affect today and satellite navigation and electric power. The largest solar storm in five years is about to shake the Earth's magnetic field.
After going through the day and a half space, a huge cloud of charged particles arrive today and could affect electricity networks, satellite navigation systems and flight of aircraft, especially in regions of the northern hemisphere.
However, the same storm may produce colorful auroras at the poles further away than usual.Scientists said on Wednesday that the storm, which began with a huge solar flare earlier this week, is growing as it moves away from the Sun, rising like a huge soap bubble.

Astronauts are those most exposed to storms that occur in space

NASA carefully monitors the radiation dose accumulated by each astronaut throughout his career. Every release, every spacewalk solar flare and all are taken into account carefully. If an astronaut gets too close to the limit, you may not be allowed to leave the space station! The accurate warnings about the weather in space could be kept under control exposure to radiation, postponing spacewalks, for example, when there is a likelihood of occurrence of a rash
In his presentation at the forum, Allen proposed to establish a new type of forecast. "It could be useful alerts from All Clear. Besides knowing when it is too dangerous to leave, we would like to know also when it is safe. This is another challenge for forecasters: not only will tell us when a sunspot eruption, but also when no the will.

The emergence of models of space weather

They manage to do this using the data collected by the fleet of spacecraft that NASA has in orbit around the Sun laboratory analysts provide information to a group of supercomputers which is responsible for processing. A few hours after an eruption of great magnitude, computers produce a three dimensional film shows where the storm goes and what planets and spacecraft will be hit, also predicts the film will occur when each impact. This type of prediction of interplanetary weather is unprecedented in the short history of weather forecasting in space."This is an exciting time to work as a forecaster of space weather," says Ante Pulkkinen, who is a researcher at the Laboratory of Space Weather. "The emergence of models of space weather based on serious physical is giving us the ability to predict if and when a major event."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The threat of solar storms of a thousand years

On 13 and 14 March 1989, not long ago, the Earth experienced the largest geomagnetic storm that has been beaten in decades. The ionized particles from the sun caused a blackout in Quebec (Canada), leaving 5 million people without electricity for nine hours in winter and causing damage worth millions and millions of dollars. They also destroyed a costly transformer in the U.S. repair and sent two teams similar in the UK. During the "temporary" space agency lost track of some of its 1,600 probes and satellites. 

Sunspot 1429 will point to the Earth

Sunspot 1429, causing intense solar storms that occurred earlier this month, comes back on Thursday in the face of the Sun which is oriented toward the Earth, as reported by the Space Weather Observatory.
Experts have explained that "it is unusual for an active region has been the source of so many and such high solar activity is able to maintain much of its integrity and effective capacity after full rotation of the Sun's far side" of there has been a surprise this 'return'.
In response, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has begun warning of possible new large flares, which could reach the category M (second strongest), from Thursday. But has appealed to the tranquility and pointed out that "in this new spot around 1429 must be, necessarily, of lower intensity than that experienced before," and indicated that "falls within the current parameters completely normal solar cycle.


The strong solar radiation storm is already impacting the Earth and it is believed that could affect power lines, satellite navigation systems and air routes. The phenomenon originated from two large solar flares that occurred earlier this week. And the storm will impact particularly in the areas near the poles, so that many airline pilots are advised to change their routes to avoid these areas. But there is a high probability of seeing aurora Boreas and Australia in these regions, if the sky is clear.
Joseph Hunches, an expert on the U.S. government weather agency   for its acronym in English, described the storm as the solar version of Super Tuesday, referring to the Republican primary that took place in ten states.


NASA shows us how to be the great solar storm in 2012. "This hole is spinning toward Earth, which is causing solar storms of medium intensity, as the last recorded in the months August, September and October and possibly causing large geomagnetic storm in 2012" 
A stunning new image of the sun captured by NASA spacecraft called the Solar Dynamics Observatory (S DO), by acronym in English, show a hole in the solar corona, a region where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. This hole is spinning toward Earth, which could produce a geomagnetic storm.


NASA experts have again warned of potential danger to Earth the explosion of a single large solar storm in 2012, generated more than 150 million miles away, on the surface of the Sun An extreme solar activity intense in the coming years are expected increasing levels, this would cause an unprecedented disaster.
Our energy and communications systems would be seriously damaged by application of the solar plasma and our comfortable Western life system, which relies more than ever on technology, would collapse like a house of cards. Not for the first time NASA made this warning. Two years ago, released a study that predicted even millions of deaths in 2012 if the sun discharged its "perfect storm."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A low level IQ test contrubits to Premature Death of Lung cancer

The University of Glasgow by according to research developed that the premature death is related to the level of intelligence, as likely to die at an early age increases by 17% for every 15 negative points in the IQ test, but not only the related test of intelligence is also the chosen university is about diseases that cause death.
A low IQ is associated with premature death, according to research developed by the University of  Glasgow, Scotland, over 1,000 aspects of the lives of thousands of people over 70 years. The research results are published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine. 

Microscopic Image of an Ependymoma

More new step for accurate diagnosis of cancer. Researchers in France and the UK have identified a link between specific chromosomal abnormalities and increased risk of death in children suffering from a fatal variant of brain cancer. The results could help develop a diagnostic test that identifies patients at increased risk for ependymoma, an intracranial gloomy which constitutes 10% of the central nervous system tumors in children. The findings, published in Clinical Cancer Research, could help to develop a diagnostic test that would identify younger patients with an increased risk of ependymoma and that may require more intensive treatment to survive the disease. 

3D Image to view affected Tissue

Microwaves give a new resolution for cancer.Chalmers University developed a new technique to detect  of cancer, through 3D images and destroy the affected tissue  with the help of microwaves by heat, which could play a pioneering role in the fight against this disease. The developers of these techniques, led by Professor of Bio-medical Electromagnetics, Andreas Fhager believe that could save many more lives than it currently does, as this technology is more effective, less invasive and simpler than all the alternatives currently available.

Heat to eliminate the tumor

Microwaves are used to destroy tumors through the heat in a process known as hypothermia. Clinical studies have shown that treatment with conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy in combination with hypothermia long term can double the capacity to cure certain cancers such as cervical cancer and soft tissue sarcoma. "We are currently developing a hypothermia system that can reach new deep tumors in the head and neck with great precision," says Hana Dobsicek Trefna, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and notes that ‘in this way, higher temperatures can reach the tumor without affecting surrounding tissues’.

Patients classifications by risk groups

The findings also helped the team to accurately classify patients into three risk groups: high, medium and normal. Professor Richard Grundy, Dr. John-Paul Kilday and colleagues found an association between a greater number of copies of a specific region of a chromosome 1q25 called and about 20% of tumors obtained from children who are diagnosed variant of the deadly brain cancer.

Increased probability of survival

At the same time, however, has also substantially increased the chance of surviving cancer thanks largely to advances in the diagnosis and treatment. In the five years after the disease, children survive by 75% in Western Europe and 64% for children in Eastern Europe, with the same increase in the case of adolescents. In the 70's, however, survived cancer 44% of children, and 50% of adolescents.

Childhood cancer has increased the last thirty years

Among adolescents aged 15 to 19 years the average has increased at a rate of 1.5% per year. However, advances in diagnosis and treatment have reduced infant mortality from the disease in the West. Are results from analysis of data provided by 19 European countries, By   Vanessa Marsh. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reports, the incidence of childhood cancer and the survival of children with cancer in Europe has increased over the last thirty years, The results of a study conducted by Dr. Eva Steliarova-Foucher, project director at the IARC, and his colleagues have produced clear evidence of that increase. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tracking with Chandra

In this study, researchers focused Chandra to a given parcel of the cosmos, for more than six weeks, to the Chandra Deep Field South called (CDFS). This region, located in the so-called constellation Fornication, is the deepest X-ray exposure ever produced.These images showed that young black holes grew in the early stages of the universe, more aggressive than has hitherto been believed, and while growing up that staying galaxies (or their host galaxies). 

Symbiosis between black holes and galaxies

Two critical questions about how black holes are formed the first super massive black holes and how they grew. Although evidence was found that there was a parallel growth of black holes and galaxies at cosmological distances shorter, these new results from Chandra show that the connection between galaxies and black holes began earlier than previously thought, perhaps the origin of both.

Strange behavior in the galaxy cluster

Abell 520 have shown that the behavior of dark matter may not be so naive. Original observations found that the kernel was a banker in dark matter and hot gas, but did not contain luminous galaxies, which normally would be in the same position as the dark matter. The X-ray Observatory NASA's Chandra detected the hot gas. Astronomers used the telescope Canada-France-Hawaii and Subaru, on the summit of Mauna Kea,

Dark Matter

Dark matter is assumed to be the "adhesive" that holds significance to galaxies. The mysterious, invisible substance is made of the same type of material forming the star, planet and the person. The astronomer know little about dark matter, but has the biggest piece of the universe's mass. Have deduced the existence of dark matter by observing its gravitational influence on ghostly ordinary matter. One way to study dark matter and analyze what impacts between clusters of galaxies, the largest structure of the  universe. Cluster colliding galaxy, astronomers expect to accompany these dark matter. The intergalactic gas cloud, however, impact a cons others, delayed braking and after impact.

This theory was supported by the observations in visible light and X-rays of a colossal collision between two galaxy clusters, known as the Bullet Cluster, and other colliding clusters, including one known as "The Perry cluster" as described recently in the work of another team led by astronomer at UC Davis.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

supermassive black hole sucking matter observation

As explained by another author of the research, an astronomer at the University of Michigan, Marta Volonteri, "We had reason to expect that black holes exist in many of the early galaxies, but so far they had escaped our search." In fact, it was anticipated that a population of black holes "baby" existed in the early universe, but this population had not been observed so far. 
 The main difficulty in studying black holes is that they are almost all surrounded by dense clouds of gas and dust, so that optical telescopes can’t detect them. However, the X-ray light high energy it can penetrate these clouds, and allow to study what they hide.

Recreation of a black hole

The Black hole are regions of space that concentrate a large amount of mass in its interior and a high density, which generates a gravitational field capable of attracting any particulate material. Even the photons (which are the particles that make up light) escape black holes. 
So far, astronomers have managed to look even further away in space and time (in astronomy, the greater the distance studied, the data correspond to an older universe) to analyze these regions through the telescopes powerful. However, the detection of giant black holes, hidden in the centers of galaxies, they had resisted. 

Now a team of specialists from the University of Michigan, United States, has managed to find the first direct evidence that these black holes were common in the "early universe" initial stage of the universe that followed the Big Bang.

Electromagnetic black hole

In the case of artificial black hole, not the severity needed to achieve the effect absorbent. And all thanks to artificial materials that are unusual electromagnetic properties resulting from its own structure and not its composition. King Chang and Tie Jun Cui, the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves, from Nanjing University in China, designed and manufactured the artificial black hole, officially named unidirectional electromagnetic absorbed met materials using 60 strips,

The flow of black hole radiation prevents

An international team of scientists, with Spanish participation, has quantified the relationship between star formation rate and the power generated by black holes in centers of galaxies. The study, published this week in the journal Nature, comes a time when the flow of black hole radiation prevents the formation of more stars.The blue dots correspond to active galaxies, emitting X-rays detected from the Herschel Space Observatory of ESA. Image: ESA / NASA / CXCIn the center of large galaxies is usually a black hole and its presence influences the stars who live around them. Now an international team of research involving the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC) and other Spanish-described in Nature the physical relationship between them and the rate of star formation around the so-called 'active galactic nuclei' (AGN, for its acronym in English). 

"The relationship between these two factors suspected for years, but in this work we have clearly identified for the first time," said Dr. Antonio SINC Cava.One of the most energetic phenomena in the universe is the growth of a black hole. In the center of the galaxy emits radiation that dominates the observable generated by stars at almost any wavelength. For measuring the star formation, scientists have analyzed the sky in wavelength sub-millimeter from the Herschel Space Observatory of the European Space Agency.

black hole

One space observatory captures the perseverance of a star into a black hole. A team of researchers has found a black hole at the moment which a possible thanks to the Swift space observatory for NASA. 
"Until now, this is a unique event. Although it has long been expected that such phenomena should occur, the glow it emits is a surprise.  A researcher at Pennsylvania State University and coauthor of the published the latest issue of the journal Nature.One space observatory captures the perseverance of a star into a black hole.
Scientists have determined that the black hole is at the center of a galaxy at a distance such that the light of this phenomenon took about 4 billion years to reach us. 
Black holes are common in the center of galaxies. The Milky Way is home to one of about 2 million times the mass of our Sun Its powerful gravitational fields create strong gradients that can destroy the stars who spend many millions of miles of it and produce a flash of ultraviolet light and X rays . 

"It's what we think happened to the star absorbed in this case. The result of this process may have noticed on several occasions, but so far never been seen beginning.

China sets a world record 370-day for human life on the moon

The Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics completed a 370-day experiment to simulate the lives of people on the moon, settin...